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Vol 4, No 7 (2015): July-December Some keys to reread authority. Abstract   PDF (Español)
Edgar Straehle
Vol 4, No 7 (2015): July-December Sovereignty, cruelty and biopolitics. Notes about Ayotzinapa Abstract   PDF (Español)
Natalia Elizabeth Talavera Baby
Vol 4, No 7 (2015): July-December State Abstract   PDF (Español)
Hermann Heller, Sergio Raúl Castaño
Vol 5, No 9 (2016): July-December Subliminal Government: Secret Lessons from Hobbes’s Theory of Images, Representations and Politics Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Johan Tralau, Javier Vázquez Prieto (Trad.)
Vol 9, No 17 (2020): JULY-DECEMBER Suffering Rights as Paradoxes Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Wendy Brown, Anabella Di Tullio (Trad.), Romina Smiraglia (Trad.)
Vol 2, No 2 (2013): January-June Terrorism, Hegel, Honneth Abstract   PDF
Sinkwan Cheng
Vol 5, No 9 (2016): July-December The Antilogy in the Iuspositivism and the Iusnaturalism in Thomas Hobbes Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Patricia Nakayama
Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June The “Letter on Exile”. Method, Exile and Memory in María Zambrano. Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Matías Silva Rojas
Vol 9, No 16 (2020): JANUARY-JUNE The chiasma of equaliberty: the community of Castoriadis Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Irene Ortiz Gala
Vol 9, No 16 (2020): JANUARY-JUNE The City and Its Limits. The Demarcation of the Political in Cornelius Castoriadis Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Diego Sebastián Garrocho Salcedo
Vol 8, No 15 (2019): JULY-DECEMBER The Crisis of Modernity in The Works of Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss. Differences That Clarify Common Problems. Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Dolores Amat
Vol 3, No 4 (2014): January-June The Criticism of Hegelian Mediation in Kierkegaard's Second Volume of Enter-Eller (Either/Or). A Social Critique? Abstract   PDF (Español)
Eduardo Assalone
Vol 3, No 5 (2014): July-December The Democratic Invention. A Reading of Lefort. Abstract   PDF (Español)
Matías Sirczuk
Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June The Dimensions of Exile: Thinking about the Past and the Present from “Extraterritoriality”. Interview with Enzo Traverso Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Rafael Pérez Baquero
Vol 6, No 10 (2017): January-June The discourse of social movements as a place for thinking political conflict Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Carlos A. Manrique Ospina
Vol 8, No 15 (2019): JULY-DECEMBER The Experience of Modernity. Shock and Melancholy in Walter Benjamin Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Natalia Taccetta
Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June The Framework of Political Action and Its Limits. Analysis From the Perspective of Hinkelammert and Dussel Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Hugo Amador Herrera Torres, Jerjes Izcóatl Aguirre Ochoa
Vol 7, No 13 (2018): JULY-DECEMBER The General Will in Public Right and its Normative Idealization Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Fiorella Tomassini
Vol 2, No 2 (2013): January-June The Happy Gardener: on populism, democracy and specters Abstract   PDF (Español)
Julián A. Melo
Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June The Homeland in the Shoes. By Way of Introduction Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Antolín Sanchez Cuervo
Vol 4, No 7 (2015): July-December The image of the waste. Towards an analysis of the esthetics of the body, the missing and the body as waste Abstract   PDF (Español)
Roberto Carlos Monroy Álvarez, Laksmi Adyani de Mora Martínez
Vol 5, No 8 (2016): January-June The Interrelation Between Democracy and Responsibility: The Greek Crisis as a Paradigm Case for the EU Abstract   PDF   HTML
Wolf-Jürgen Cramm
Vol 8, No 14 (2019): JANUARY-JUNE The Justification of Freedom in John Stuart Mill. Reply to Some Criticism by Martha Nussbaum Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
David José Blanco Cortina
Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June The Latino-americanist Vocation of Spanish Republicanism in Exile: The Case of Leopoldo Castedo in Chile Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Francisco José Martín
Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June The Legal Exceptionality of Exile. An Approach to Punitive Chilean and Argentine Expulsion of the Military Dictatorships Abstract   PDF (Español)   HTML (Español)
Mariela Cecilia Avila
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