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Contemporary Gramsci: Echoes of the National-Popular Will in Latin America

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1. Title Title of document Contemporary Gramsci: Echoes of the National-Popular Will in Latin America
2. Creator Author's name, affiliation, country Martín Cortés; National University of General Sarmiento; Argentina
3. Subject Discipline(s) political philosophy; political theory
3. Subject Keyword(s) Modern Prince; Political Unity; Latin American Politics.
3. Subject Subject classification 5908
4. Description Abstract The article focuses on the Gramscian concept of national-popular will based on its productivity to account, especially, for two central aspects of the constitution of political subjects: the need to enroll in a history, understood as articulation of different moments of resistance and political struggle; and the centrality of a "Jacobin" moment that produces political unity and, in this way, contributes to the construction of that history. Based on the work on this concept, the text is part of a series of Latin American discussions on ways to read Gramsci in the region and the possibilities of interpreting from their categories the political processes of recent years.

5. Publisher Organizing agency, location Universidad Complutense de Madrid
6. Contributor Sponsor(s) Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Argentina.
7. Date (YYYY-MM-DD) 2017-12-13
8. Type Status & genre Peer-reviewed Article
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11. Source Title; vol., no. (year) Las Torres de Lucca. International Journal of Political Philosophy; Vol 6, No 11 (2017): July-December
12. Language English=en es
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15. Rights Copyright and permissions Copyright (c) 2017 Martín Cortés
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