Las Torres de Lucca. International Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol 6, No 10 (2017)

Velasco, Juan Carlos (2016). El azar de las fronteras. Políticas migratorias, ciudadanía y justicia. Ciudad de México, México: Fondo de Cultura Económica. 372 pp.

Luis Esteban Rubio


In Modern and Contemporary times, numerous challenges have been approached, ideally or really, from a cosmopolitan perspective. The discovery of America, the wars between European states in the eighteenth century or the Second World War, are examples of this. Today, humanity is also facing a series of major global challenges: peacekeeping, respect for and guarantee of human rights, climate change, international migration, rising inequality, pandemics, terrorism, tax havens or the collapse of financial systems. The new work of Juan Carlos Velasco precisely seeks to address one of these challenges: international migrations, from a descriptive, evaluative, normative and cosmopolitan perspective. It is thus embedded within the theoretical corpus of cosmopolitan character that, especially since the end of the Cold War, a group of thinkers (Seyla Benhabib, Thomas Pogge, Martha Nussbaum or Kwame Anthony Appiah) is developing in order to  address the issues of our times...