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The Section Editor oversees the copyediting, layout and proofreading by selecting and assigning members of the editorial team to see the submission through each stage, and by ensuring that the submission moves through the process in a timely fashion. The process begins when the Section Editor selects the Copyeditor and requests the copyediting of the submission. The Section Editor may want to select the Layout Editor and Proofreader at the same time (depending on how many of these distinct editorial roles the journal is using), or wait until the preceding stage is complete. To replace those selected, the Section Editor simply clicks Select again and assigns a new person, who will replace the existing assignee. The Editing stage is complete when the submission has completed the Proofreading stage, at which point the Section Editor schedules it for publication.

Submissions in Layout that need further Copyediting. The Editor can see to a further copyediting of the Layout Version, if it turns out to be needed, by downloading the Layout Version and sending it as an email attachment to the Copyeditor (who may also want to contact the Author). Once this further copyediting is completed and the submission returned to the Editor, the Editor can upload the file to the Layout Version.

Changing a galley after submission is scheduled. Once the submission is sent to scheduling, the Editing page (along with its associated Summary, Review, and History pages) are sent to the Archives. The Editor can ask the Layout Editor, who will have access through Archives, to alter the galleys and upload them again. This can take place after the submission has been published. The newly uploaded galley will appear as the published version, although one needs to be extremely cautious about changing the galleys in this way, so as to preserve the integrity of the journal's publishing process, and the Editor may wish to append a note recording the changes on the published item.

For more detailed information on the Copyediting process, see Copyediting.

For more detailed information on the Layout process, see Layout.

For more detailed information on Proofreading and Scheduling, see Proofreading.