Open Journal Systems Help

Submission Management

Various aspects of submission management can be undertaken from a submission's Summary page.

Under Submission, the Editor can email the Author; review the original submission file and supplementary files; ensure that the submission is in the correct journal Section; and review Author comments.

Before assigning a Section Editor to manage the Review of the submission, the Editor should click on the submission's file name to open the file and ensure that the text appears to be suitable for review by the journal, and that it is in the right Section for the journal.

Author Fees
If the journal is accepting online payments, the Editor will have the ability to mark Author Fees as either received or waived. Fees that are marked as such here will also appear in the journal's payment records.

In order for the submission to proceed to the Review stage, the Editor must assign a Section Editor from a list of enrolled users to oversee the review process. If Section Editors are not used by the journal, the Editor may click "Add Self", and personally oversee the review process. Multiple Section Editors can be assigned to a submission, and can be tasked with either the review or the editing process, or both. This action will send an automated email to the Section Editor with notification of the assignment.

The Submission Summary Page keeps track of the submission's progress through the review, editing and publishing process. If at any time the submission is deemed unsuitable for the journal, it may be archived here.

If the submission is obviously not appropriate for the journal, the Editor may click on the Archive Submission link, which will initiate an email to the author indicating that the submission will not be sent out for review. Once the email is committed, the submission will be sent to the Archives. The assigned Section Editor is also in a position to take this action.