Open Journal Systems Help

Editor Decision

Once the review process is complete, the Section Editor commits a decision and notifies the Author via email. The decision is also recorded in the Editor/Author Correspondence on the Author's Review page. If the Section Editor requests revisions before arriving at a final decision, the Author is able to upload a revised version of the submission on this page, as well as revised or additional Supplementary Files (reflecting data sets, research instruments, source documents, etc.). The Section Editor is also able to upload and present versions of the submission or other documents for the Author to consult. (To consult uploaded files, the Author clicks on the file name, and opens the file or saves the file to the computer and then opens it.)

If a submission is accepted, it will then proceed to the Editing stage of the editorial process.

Resubmit for Review. If the Section Editor's decision is that the submission should be revised and then resubmitted for peer review, the Author should first indicate their willingness to undertake the revisions, using the Editor/Author Correspondence. Then, when the revisions have been completed, the Author uploads the version for a second round of reviews. The Section Editor will submit it to the same Reviewers or to one or more new Reviewers, and notify the Author when a decision has been reached in a similar manner to the initial review.