Open Journal Systems Help


The Copyeditor initially copyedits the submission by working directly on the submission's electronic file, with suggestions to improve the flow of language and communication of meaning, and with changes to ensure the submission adheres to the journal's style and format (especially its bibliographic format). The Copyeditor uploads the copyedited submission in Step 1 and sends an email to the Author and Section Editor indicating that the initial copyedit is complete. The Author can access this version in Step 1 of Copyediting by clicking on the file name, saving the file to the computer and then opening it.

Author's review of copyedits. The Author reviews all of the Copyeditor's proposed changes and can make further suggestions or changes to the submission by adhering to the Copyediting Instructions followed by this journal. (This is the last chance to make such changes, for in the Proofreading, only typographical and formatting errors can be fixed.) The Author should also respond to any Author Queries (e.g., missing page numbers, etc.) from the Copyeditor; these can be found by clicking the icon next to Copyedit Comments. When finished, the Author saves the file to the computer and then uploads it in Step 2 of the Copyediting, which makes it available to the Copyeditor.

Review Metadata. The Author should, as well, review the submission's Metadata for errors and omissions. The metadata is used to index the submission on publication and will assist, depending on how it is indexed, readers' ability to locate the item.

Finally, the Author clicks on the email icon under Complete to notify the Copyeditor and Section Editor that Step is now complete.