Open Journal Systems Help


After clicking on an article title in the Submission queue, the Proofreader will have access to layout galleys and proofreading instructions. The Proofreader will also be able to correspond with the article Primary Contact, the Editor and Layout Editor. At this stage, only typographical and formatting errors are identified. Proofreading can be completed by following these steps:

Review Proofing Instructions. The Proofreader should review the journal's proofing standards by clicking on "Proofing Instructions" at the bottom of the Proofreading panel.

View Proof Formats. The Proofreader can access article galleys by clicking on "View Proof" beside each Galley format under the Layout section, and can access supplementary files, if any, by clicking the corresponding link provided under "Supplementary Files". Article galleys are commonly available (and subsequently published) in PDF or HTML, and so cannot be directly edited. Supplementary files are published in their original format, and in some cases can be edited.

Consider Author's Proofreading Corrections. The Proofreader has expertise in the journal's standards, and should review the Author's proofreading corrections in order to provide the Layout Editor with advice (e.g., ignore identified errors that are not errors according to this journal's standards). By clicking on "Proofreading Corrections" the Proofreader will be able to see corrections suggested by the Author.

Provide Proofreading Corrections. The Proofreader should now click the "Proofreading Corrections" icon and enter their detailed corrections, as instructed by the Proofreading Instructions. Once saved, these will be available to the Layout Editor.

Notify Proofreading as Completed. Upon completion of the proofreading, the Proofreader clicks on the email icon under "Complete", and sends the following email to the Section Editor. Once the email has been sent (or, alternately, skipped instead of canceled) the article will be moved from the Proofreader's active list in the Submission Queue to the archive, and the Proofreader will not be able to return and make further corrections.