Open Journal Systems Help

Supplementary Files

The Author is able to upload the Supplementary Files in Step 4 of the Submission Process. The Supplementary Files are intended to include research data sets, research instruments, source texts or other materials that might otherwise form an appendix to the submission but warrant being treated as separate documents as they may have value on their own merits. In addition, the Author will index Supplementary Files independently of the submission thus enabling the Files to be part of a larger index and to be found by those looking for these particular type of items.

Supplementary File formats. Supplementary Files are also uploaded in their original file format — and on which there are no restrictions — and remain in that format, as opposed to the rest of the submission which must be in a standard manuscript format and will be transposed into a standard publication format. This means that data sets that are available in spread-sheets or flash demonstrations can be uploaded and preserved in that format; this may pose challenges for readers. Authors need to take this into account perhaps by providing, in the description of the Supplementary File, where freely downloadable software is available to open and view the Supplementary File can be found.