Open Journal Systems Help

Register and Profile

The journal uses a registration system for all users involved in the editorial and publishing process. The journal's Privacy Policy applies to all registered users. Each registered user has a Profile, which can be edited or added after the user is logged in to the journal. The link for the Profile is found in the right-hand margin under User and on the User Home page.

For all users, there is an email update option, which results in the user being notified by email of each new issue's Table of Contents. For journals operating in more than one language, Reviewers can indicate in their Profile the languages in which they are comfortable reviewing submissions.

Why Register?

When you register the system creates a "User Home" page for you which make it easier to access your journals. You must register if you wish to submit a paper to any journal or if you will be a member of the editorial team (eg, editor, reviewer, proofreader) of any journal.

Some journals restrict access to some portions of their site unless you are registered.


Privacy Policy

The journal's privacy policy applies to all registered users. You can find more information on the journal's privacy policy in About the Journal.


How do I register?

You can register by clicking on "Log In" or "Register" on the site home page or on any journal's home page. Alternatively, you can ask a Journal Manager to register you. Contact information can be found in About the Journal.



You create a profile (including a username and password) when you register. You can edit your profile any time you are logged in. In the right navigation bar under the title "User", the link "My Profile" appears; click on that link and you are taken to your profile. Here you can change your contact information, reviewing interests, roles, and can manage email notifications for journals you have registered with.