Open Journal Systems Help

Prepared Emails

The journal uses a variety of prepared emails to direct the Editorial and Publishing Processes. The emails are all addressed to the appropriate recipient(s) in advance (for example, the Section Editor notifies the Copyeditor that copyediting for a submission is ready to begin). The Journal Manager can edit default versions of these emails (available under Prepared Emails on the Journal Administration page). As well, the emails can be edited by the user before they are sent. The system automatically inserts relevant and specific information into the email prior to presenting it to the user to send (for example, the title and abstract of the submission in question or the date which a review is due). The email also provides the addressee with instructions to find their way to the appropriate web page, so that they can undertake the task requested of them.

Sending Emails

OJS uses email to coordinate the functioning of the editorial and publishing process. All of the prepared emails have default versions, which come up each time the relevant email icon is clicked. The default emails can edited by the Journal Manager at any point. As well, an email can be edited by the sender prior to mailing it. When an email icon is clicked, it will have the intended recipient automatically filled in, along with all of the pertinent information needed for the editorial or publishing function. The sender can add comments or further direction, as needed. The sender can alter the recipient's email address and additional recipients, except in those cases that involve the sending of passwords (for security reasons). Note that correcting a recipient's address does not alter the email address listed on their Profile page in this system. Correcting the recipient's email address on a permanent basis for this system requires notifying the Journal Manager, who has the authority to make such changes to users' profiles.