Open Journal Systems Help


OJS enables Journal Managers to post announcements that are then available to readers who visit the site. Posted announcements appear on the Announcements page and, optionally, on the journal's homepage.

Deploying the announcement module. The Journal Manager must indicate in Journal Setup Step 4.4 that the journal will be publishing announcements. In addition, the Journal Manager must indicate whether or not announcements should be displayed on the journal's homepage. An introductory text may also be provided that will appear at the top of the Announcements page.

Creating Announcements. The Journal Manager creates an announcement by selecting the announcement type (if any), indicating a title for the announcement, and providing both a short description and a full description of the announcement. The short description text is displayed to readers as a summary of the announcement, whereas the full description text is displayed when readers select to read the full announcement details. An optional expiry date may also be specified. Announcements that include an expiry date will no longer be displayed to readers once the expiry date has passed.