Open Journal Systems Help

Publishing Process

The Editor sees through the publishing process by creating issues and/or volumes for the journal, scheduling submissions to those issues, organizing their Table of Contents, and then finally publishing the issue. The journal can be published in a number of formats. The typical pattern is to gather submissions into an issue which is published quarterly (or monthly or twice a year). However, some electronic journals prefer to publish submissions as soon as they are ready, as part of an annual volume, which begins with the first submission of the year and closes at the end of year, when another volume begins. For the purposes of this Help text, the term issue is used, although an issue consists of a Table of Contents that may be identified by (a) issue, volume, year; (b) volume, year; (c) year; or (d) title. How issues are to be identified is part of the Setup for the journal which the Journal Manager will have configured.