Open Journal Systems Help

Schedule Submissions

At any point in the Editing process, the Section Editor can schedule a submission for publication in a particular issue. Typically, the Editor will place the submission into the first available issue, but it may happen that an issue is "full" prior to its publication, or that an Editor wishes to place a submission in a later issue to ensure a range of topics in each issue or, on the other hand, to cluster a series of submissions on a single topic.

Continuous publishing of submissions. If submissions are being published continuously, as soon as they are ready, then the Editor schedules the submission in what is, in effect, the Current issue, and it will be published immediately. At the end of a Volume year, the next submission will be scheduled to appear in the new Volume, for which the Table of Contents will be published or made Current with this initial submission.

Once a submission has been scheduled in a particular issue, the issue's name and a link to its table of contents will be presented to Layout Editors and Proofreaders.