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Vol 9, No 17 (2020): JULY-DECEMBER Imagocracy and Imagomaquia. A Critical Reflection on the Relations Between Audiovisual Communication and Popular Culture in Latin America. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Miguel Alfonso Bouhaben, Jorge Polo Blanco
Vol 1, No 1 (2012): July-December Immunity, Community, Biopolitics Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Roberto Esposito
Vol 10, No 18 (2021): JANUARY-JUNE In a democracy, what makes an external self-determination claim reasonable? Some reflections on the moral aspect of the question Abstract   PDF   HTML
Joan Vergés
Vol 7, No 13 (2018): JULY-DECEMBER In the Shadow of the Critique of Pure Reason: The Results of the Critical Philosophy Taken Into Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Howard Williams
Vol 2, No 2 (2013): January-June Intercultural otherness philosophy in Latin America Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Álvaro B. Márquez-Fernández
Vol 10, No 18 (2021): JANUARY-JUNE Introduction: Justice, Legitimacy, And Secession Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sergi Morales-Gálvez
Vol 5, No 8 (2016): January-June Is Gianni Vattimo´s Nihilistic Hermeneutics Able to Rationally Justify its Latest Political Positions? Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Jaime Llorente
Vol 9, No 17 (2020): JULY-DECEMBER Is Neoliberal Capitalism Bursting the Liberation of Women? Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Sonia Reverter Bañón
No 0 (2012): January-June Is Sport Nationalism Justifiable? Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
José Luis Pérez Triviño
Vol 5, No 8 (2016): January-June Justice and Children´s Rights: The Role of Moral Psychology in the Practical Philosophy Discourse Abstract   PDF   HTML
María del Mar Cabezas
Vol 7, No 13 (2018): JULY-DECEMBER Kant: A Republican Conception of Public Justice Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
María Julia Bertomeu
Vol 7, No 13 (2018): JULY-DECEMBER Kant’s Justification of Welfare Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Sorin Baiasu
No 0 (2012): January-June Kantian Capitalism and the Stakeholder Model: the necessity of a corporate ethics of justice Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Pedro Francés Gómez
Vol 8, No 14 (2019): JANUARY-JUNE Lanceros, Patxi (2017) Theft of the future. Borders, Fear, Crisis, Madrid: Catarata. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Valerio D'Angelo
Vol 7, No 13 (2018): JULY-DECEMBER Laura Papish (2018). Kant on Evil, Self-Deception, and Moral Reform. Oxford, Reino Unido: Oxford University. 280 p. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Noelia Eva Quiroga
Vol 1, No 1 (2012): July-December Libertarians and the Catholic Church on Intellectual Property Laws Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jay Mukherjee, Walter E. Block
Vol 10, No 18 (2021): JANUARY-JUNE Losada, Leandro (2019). Maquiavelo en la Argentina. Usos y Lecturas, 1830-1940. Katz Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Ignacio Luis Moretti
Vol 5, No 8 (2016): January-June Macé, J. F. y Martínez Zauner, M. (Eds.). (2016). Pasado de violencia política. Memoria, discurso y puesta en escena. Madrid, MD: Anexo. 279 pp. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Maria P. Chiara Bianchini
Vol 1, No 1 (2012): July-December Malpractice, corruption and judgements of professional ethics Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Damián Salcedo Megales
Vol 10, No 18 (2021): JANUARY-JUNE Medina Sierra, Luis Fernando (2019). Socialism, history and utopia. Notes for its third century. Akal. 176 páginas. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Alejandro Sánchez Berrocal
Vol 4, No 6 (2015): Merleau-Ponty and the Political Question of the Republic. Discussions on a Legacy. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Leonardo Daniel Eiff
Vol 10, No 18 (2021): JANUARY-JUNE Michel Foucault And The Iranian Revolution: Reflections on Uprising, Resistance and Politics Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Marcelo Sergio Raffin
Vol 5, No 9 (2016): July-December Misgivings About Absolute Power: Hobbes and the Concept of Honor Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Jerónimo Rilla
Vol 8, No 15 (2019): JULY-DECEMBER Modernity and conquest. The awakening of fundamental rights and international law in Francisco de Vitoria Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
Juan Ignacio Arias Krause
Vol 7, No 13 (2018): JULY-DECEMBER Moral Autonomy, Popular Sovereignty and Public Use of Reason in Kant Abstract   PDF   HTML
Monique Hulshof
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